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Vic Firth - Leading the World


For almost 50 years, Vic Firth has made it his priority in design and manufacturing to elevate and then continue to improve the status quo for drummers' tools. Throughout the years as he has raised the bar, other brands have improved as well. This gives the drummer many options from which to choose, but also creates confusion with so many claims and opposing opinions on how to manufacture the best drumstick.

At Vic Firth, all are committed to upholding the values that have made us the #1 stick and mallet company in the world. Quite possibly the most durable sticks ever! Designed with a revolutionary technology to maximize durability and playability, the Titan series of sticks are made from an advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite. Each stick is remarkably consistent in weight and pitch and provides superior durability without sacrificing the feel and familiarity of a wood stick.

For over 30 years, the American Classics have been the popular choice of countless drummers worldwide. Wood tips were the originals, followed by nylon for a more durable and brighter sounding option.

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