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Mapex drums are actually handcrafted by hundreds of dedicated employees who skillfully apply their talent and expertise to their craft. All Mapex products are hand built and hand assembled by the artisans at its wholly owned factory. The people at Mapex have earned a distinguished reputation for designing, engineering and building the highest quality acoustic drums. In fact, Mapex is one of the only companies of its kind to have earned ISO9001 certification - the world's standard for manufacturing excellence.

Mapex not only wants you to sound your best, you need to look great too. On all of its painted drums, Mapex finish experts hand apply an eight-coat, hand-rubbed, high-gloss lacquer to each shell. Mapex finishes are durable, easy to maintain and will help make you the envy of your drumming community.

The employees at Mapex apply the same high standard of quality across the entire family of products. Every Mapex drum, regardless of price, is built to exacting specifications. Mapex has created a working environment that encourages growth, spirit and dedication to craftsmanship. The people that make Mapex drums are the best at what they do and they take pride in their ability to do it.

The result is a drum that you take on stage or into the studio with complete confidence that your style and creativity will be not only perfectly reproduced, but enhanced. With your Mapex drum set, your talents and personality will be faithfully delivered to your audience, whether you're playing to a crowd of twenty or twenty-thousand. You'll ultimately take as much pride in owning a Mapex drum as the expert builders did when it was made.

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